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………it would be brave politicians that said to wanker bankers – “you fucked up, you deal with it, fall on your sword or cope with the consequences!” The bankers could reply – “you gave us a licence to rip people off, you wanted our corrupt ways of perpetrating your stupidity, you are as guilty of fucking things up as we are, so why should we take all the blame!” This squabble between grown men in short trousers will always be settled in a private deal, so as not to lose face and to maintain their shared grip on power. They scratch each other’s backs even in difficult times because there is so much to lose if they don’t. This is the nature of the exclusive “big boys club” which is entirely separate from the way the rest of us live.

If footballers’ wives and girlfriends seek relationships with other footballers’ women, it’s understandable that politicians, bankers, corporate clones, city boys and media barons would relate to each other and become dependent on each other. “United they stand, divided they fall” – I wish they would divide and fall in the name of natural common sense. But as we know, common sense is extraordinarily uncommon, particularly in the ranks of power people who wank like bankers. Secret sexual wanking can be as healthy an activity as sexual activity with a willing partner, but bankers’ wanking over their unfair share of the world’s resources is an obscenity way beyond a film censor’s jurisdiction over pornography.

The really obscene pornography of our time is bankers wanking with politicians and corporation boys in top floor executive lavatories. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and witness their relationship with each other – who’s got the biggest cock – like boys in the showers at school desperate for supremacy yet so dependent on group approval.

When will men grow up – could there be something not quite right about politicians and bankers relationships?

Making money is best left to the Royal Mint or back street forgers………

Note: I am of no political persuasion nor a subscriber to any conspiracy theories – I am merely an observer of what’s going on.

What is going on?